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We founded WebFilings in 2008 to change the way corporations were managing and reporting business data. We released our first cloud solution in 2010 at a time when most companies were hesitant to place their trust in the cloud. That quickly changed.

Our Wdesk platform caught on like wildfire. Companies big and small adopted Wdesk because for the first time, they could collaborate with control and accountability.

We changed our company name to Workiva in 2014 to keep pace with growing demand for our solutions from finance, compliance, risk, and audit teams.

Today, Wdesk is modernizing how people work across thousands of organizations around the globe, including 75 percent of the Fortune 500®.

Our Innovation

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We pioneered a cloud platform that was so innovative that within its first 5 years, it was being used by more than 65 percent of the Fortune 500®.

Our customers love Wdesk because we deliver a platform that they want and need. Wdesk gives them the same features at work—speed, access, and sharing—that they use at home. Even though Wdesk feels like a familiar consumer application to our users, it is powered by one of the fastest, safest, and most sophisticated data management engines available today.

We built Wdesk to save our customers time, money, and other resources, so they can spend more time on what matters most.

Our Customers

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Our culture is based on an innate caring and understanding of our customers’ needs.

Our customers love our personal attention to detail and how we respond to them around the clock.

Our customer satisfaction scores are greater than 95 percent, which confirms that we are trusted partners. When we receive poems, cards, and gifts from our customers, we know we are making lasting improvements.

Our People

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Collaboration is the key to our success, and it ignites fresh ideas at all levels.

We value all backgrounds, beliefs, and interests, and we recognize this diversity as an important source of intellectual thought, varied perspective, and innovation.

We rely on a philosophy of putting our employees first, listening to their voices, and responding to their needs. This extra care for our employees gets passed on to our customers every day.

Our Communities

workiva employees planting trees as part of a volunteer activity

We give our employees the flexibility to achieve a genuine work-life balance, so they have time to give back to their communities.

With paid-time off for volunteering, hands-on community service projects, and office-based fundraisers, we strive to improve the places where we live and work.

Our charitable giving focuses on nurturing the next generation of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs.