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What you might expect from a caterer –
Experience. Delicious Food. Connection. Calm.

20+ years of experience is apparent when your event plays out seamlessly. You can count on perfectly prepared and presented cuisine, gracious service, an ability to anticipate your needs, and the talent to manage all of the variables – planned and otherwise – that come into play at your catered event.

Fresh, simple, and well-prepared sum it up. Whenever possible, we chop, peel, slice, and marinate in the kitchen, then sauté, grill, and assemble on-site. If locally-sourced produce and meats are your preference, we use our connections to get your meal from farm to table. Doug’s hands-on, creative, and consistent skill in the kitchen always work to awe his clients and their guests.

First and foremost, we’ll connect with you. Then, with well-established connections, we’ll put you in touch with the best-in-business for support services you may be seeking — a reputable band, local wine shop, specialty grocer, local grower, or venues to match your taste.

Proprietor Doug Hert’s calm demeanor and excellent planning and organizational skill work to counteract pre-function jitters and assure a smooth event, allowing you to kick back and enjoy the occasion.