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In July of 2013, Jon & Christine Davis opened up the doors for the “Soft Opening” of Revolvr Menswear in Bozeman, Montana. It was a concept they weren’t sure would work; they had heard over and over from friends that a men’s-only clothing store wouldn’t succeed. Well, it was a huge hit that night, and the next morning they were on the phone ordering more inventory to fill the store. Word spread and sales continued to climb, and by March of 2015 they opened the second location in Bend, Oregon. It was another void that needed to be filled in the town and the store was an instant hit. Customers were asking daily for a women’s version, so in 2017 Evrgreen Clothing was born in Bozeman, Montana, a women’s concept mirroring the Revolvr model. 5 years, 3 stores, 3 home runs and they’re not slowing down yet.

So come in, try some local beer, relax, and prepare to look damn good.


Jon and Christine Davis