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he Murdoch’s story is one of humble beginnings. It is a story about a man, a belief, and the understanding that value is often found in honest, old-fashioned ideas.

John Murdoch had been in the ranch and home supply business for some 36 years. He figured there had to be a way to introduce all the good and useful stuff from that tradition to everyday folks like you and me while still maintaining the interest of ranchers. He also figured that if you did the basics right, even when building a retail store, it would succeed.

One day, John took the opportunity to put his ideas down on paper (it was a paper napkin, actually). On that uncomplicated surface he wrote these three basic principles: carry lots of down-to-earth merchandise; be a place where the whole family likes to visit; and be a place where the customer is always met with thanks. So, with a big idea, a paper napkin, and a few ideals that withstand the test of time, the story of Murdoch’s began to take root.

In 1994 John opened the doors to his first store. On that inaugural day in Bozeman, Montana, the flagship store was outfitted with five eager employees, 18 big, wide parking spaces out front, and more than a few crossed fingers and toes. The hope was that the new store would appeal to the town’s local ranchers, the local outdoor community and, well, most everyone else. It turns out that John was onto something, and by 1996 the bustling store needed room to grow. That’s when he moved the store to its present location in Bozeman. The store spread like wildfire, and two short years later Murdoch’s expanded yet again; this time to almost 50,000 square feet with literally thousands of first-rate products on the floor. Along the way, more stores opened in Montana and other all-American towns like Montrose, Colorado, and Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Today, Murdoch’s is proud to have stores spanning five states as well as an e-commerce website. Our family of stores are staffed with approximately 1,300 dedicated, friendly, and knowledgeable employees who are ready to help.

We are happy to have you along with us on this journey. Stay tuned as we write this new chapter of our story.