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Nice parks in town

Are there any nice parks to take a break in town?

POSTED: 2010-05-16

Where are you? Over by the hospital there are Lindley and Bogert Parks. There's a little park by the town and country. there's some nice trails over by sundance/west meadows. There's also a trail that goes through town with a climbing rock and a stream that goes along it with nice places to rest and relax. HTH! On the west side of town,t here's a big park with the dinosaurs in it. There's many nice places to just sit and relax on a bench by the condo offices all around town. You could also chill out on peets hill.

POSTED: 2010-05-17 08:01:18

I like Bogert.

POSTED: 2012-08-25 11:03:45

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POSTED: 2021-05-02 08:54:33

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