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Yoga class referral for beginner

I am looking for a beginner yoga class referral.

POSTED: 2010-04-09

what kind of yoga do you like/ i would suggest going to the diff studios in town and checking the vibe and how the teachers are for your body, personality etc. good luck!

POSTED: 2010-04-10 08:10:21

Thanks. I was actually looking for a few testimonial recomendations here on this online forum.

POSTED: 2010-04-23 23:09:50

No kidding, does anyone walk around town looking for a good doctor or dentist?

POSTED: 2010-04-23 23:29:56

Actually a doc or dentist isn't the same because they do work on you and even then, haven't you ever changed because you didn't feel they did the work well or didn't get along with their style of business? What are you a sheep? Things like yoga are highly personal.
That said, I've heard great things about Nancy ruby. But it's ultimately up to you! Blessings and namaste. As a yoga teacher for many years, it really does matter who the teacher is, what the style is, bikram, ashtanga, etc. etc. Everyone is different and what I like you might hate! Namaste.

POSTED: 2010-04-26 10:09:58

Yes I wear sheeps clothing, sir.

POSTED: 2010-05-01 23:43:34

I visit a yoga class with an open mind.

POSTED: 2010-05-01 23:50:48

Yep, tha t guy need s f ive b ucks a nd a B ig M ac and s o emething ielse bud i don knoh what i furgot

POSTED: 2010-05-02 00:11:48

I agree with the poster who got his panties in a bunch. He's right. You'll see once you actually try yoga.
And just a hint, big macs and yoga don't really go together.

POSTED: 2010-05-04 08:59:30

Ha ha, who is on this forum these days? Looks like some stoned college kids or something.
To the original poster, you really do have to try different classes and see different styles. if you find one you really like right away that's great. But like the other person said, yoga is kinda like religion. It's very personal. It's not like aerobics or a gym.
Good luck to you!

POSTED: 2010-05-04 09:01:47

Yoga does not have to be practiced as a religion.

POSTED: 2010-05-13 01:13:25

Yoga can be incorporated into any exercise workout, for example cardio yoga or power yoga.

POSTED: 2010-05-13 01:16:15

To practice Yoga as a religion you must need a yogi teacher.

POSTED: 2010-05-13 01:22:37

From my own experience I recommend that you do not delve into the spiritual practice of yoga with out a yoga teacher.

POSTED: 2010-05-13 01:25:32

'Yoga and Big Macs don't go together', really? That's really informative. And altogether ignorant. So what does the new yoga student do when their family eats at fast food restaurants. Or when they start to see the world as two, one world corrupt and one "enlightened"?

POSTED: 2010-05-13 01:57:25

i agree with the poster who said yoga and big macs don't go together. maybe when you first start, you might want to eat the kinda scary crap at fast food restaurants. but once you start to go along with your practice, you start eating better naturally. well that's what happened for me. i don't think the person meant yoga WAS a religion, just that like religion or any other choice you make, you find what is right for you and not go along with everyone else.
at least that's how i do it. good luck. and not eating at fast food restaurants is A VERY VERY GOOD THING! Health isn't just exercise, or yoga it's about what goes into your body. pretty simple actually.

POSTED: 2010-05-13 13:25:10

Sorry. (to above post) The things you are sharing on this post are not really necessary. I think you are showing off. Poser! (You sound like you think you are superior because you do yoga, which is really opposite of the principles of yoga.)
Obviously, any exercise improves a persons health and appetite.

POSTED: 2010-05-13 23:46:08

hmmm. I don't think that doing yoga is the same as cardio. I guess you could do it that way. I'm not thinking I am special because I practice yoga either. I just think that our culture is so focused on outside stuff. And yoga makes you focus more on simple stuff like breathing, and being quiet and your body. Then you start to live in a more conscious way. start to think about things. Like for me, i realized when i put Pesticide on my lawn, that was going into the rivers. So I stopped doing that except for noxious weeds. Ok maybe this is more infor than you wanted. But what yoga could be is exercise. But yoga could also be the first step to start thinking about what you are eating for example, I lost 20lbs not just because of exercise but i started to learn what was going into me and thinking about it more. Not crazy. I'm not a poser, by the way. I'm just a normal midwestern person who is starting to change and learn. maybe someday you will too!

POSTED: 2010-05-14 08:46:58

I just started yoga at Nancy Ruby's place. I tried a bikram yoga place before that (that's the one where you are in a hot room). I also tried restorative yoga before that when I hurt my leg skiing. I know you might thing it's snobby but the person who said that they are all different was right.
You really should go try a couple of classes for yourself. See if the instructor is helpful, and friendly. See if the class feels right for your level of fitness.
I do sometimes eat fast food. But I am much more conscious as the other person said about what I put into my body and how I feel. I also as a native Montanan am always careful about things as simple as pesticides. My family were farmers and ranchers here for many generations and I've learned about the land from them but I am always learning.
I wish you all the best. You also might want to try looking at the yoga magazines they have out. I found a great article on relaxation there. We are lucky in Bozeman to have such open minded people who are always learning!

POSTED: 2010-05-14 13:41:29

A beginner yoga class is for a beginner. Yoga is done by the masses.

POSTED: 2010-05-15 06:02:03

Hi beginner yogini! First you should think a bout a few things before you even try out the yoga classes in town. How old are you? How fit are you? Do you have any health problems or injuries? Do you like to take a slow easy class or a faster more intense class.
Then as the other poster said, go try out a few classes. See how they feel in your body and how you feel about the teacher. Because yoga is about your body, it's not just an idea. You actually have to be able to do the poses!
I know some people on here are trying to make it like, whatever, it's nothing. But once you start on the road of yoga, you can really start to change, learn and grow. Even I started out very mainstream as a person and if you saw me you would never guess I practice yoga! But it really is a great tool to self discovery.
Best wishes in your search. I would recommend a search on google, then narrow it down by visiting places. That's how I found my place, (I"ve changed a couple times but have settled in).
Good luck. It might be for the masses, but you can be an individual in the masses. LOL>

POSTED: 2010-05-16 16:34:08 'The Great Oom': Yogas Wild Ride to Repsectability. (LISTEN ONLINE STORY)

POSTED: 2010-05-19 04:58:01

Mountain Yoga in Bozeman offers Beginner's yoga and multilevel classes. Check out their website,

POSTED: 2014-05-19 11:49:51

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