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Great book--Coached for Life (GF Centrals '68 football team)

I really enjoyed this book, was wondering if anyone else has read it? Below is just a little recap/review of the book for anyone that's curious.

“Coached for Life” is the story of Great Falls Central’s 1962 championship football team. The authors, Ed Flaherty and Jack Uldrich, stay true to the football season giving play by plays of the games while weaving together the stories of 37 young men and their coaches, Bill Mehrens and John McMahon.

One of my favorite mantras used by Coach Merehns is ‘doing ordinary things extraordinarily well’ is how to succeed. Everything down to the finest detail of clapping in unison at the break of a huddle was practiced to perfection. Head coach Bill Mehrens and assistant John “Poncho” McMahon complimented each others coaching styles well. McMahon, the tough Anaconda kid who was not afraid to yell, and Mehrens, from Butte, who was constantly thinking and talking through ways to improve the team with anyone who would listen.

Learning of the players’ childhoods, hardships, and personalities added a level of humanity that personalized even the football plays. I found myself rooting for the individual men as their season progressed towards the championship game. The 1962 football team was a dynamic group. With the successful coaching of both McMahon and Merehns these young men learned how to be a team, how to work hard, and how to become champions.

The book begins at a team reunion commemorating the 40th anniversary of the championship. At this dinner, Flaherty and others began to tell stories about how these two coaches played an important role in their lives. As the evening continued it struck Flaherty this was a story worth telling. The book does an impressive job of relating each player’s story and following the men past high school. The values instilled in them during this season shaped their ability to face various difficult challenges down the road. It is evident by the end of the book that these coaches taught their team many things both on and off the field. The story of a group of ordinary high school boys who were transformed into a championship football team—and, more importantly, extraordinary men. This is a real life lesson book, a great read for women as well as guys.

If you would like more information or want to purchase a copy of “Coached for Life” visit Books are also available at Borders and Barnes and Noble book stores.

POSTED: 2009-10-09

I, too, very recently read this/these wonderful stories, for there were many told of that magical year at Great Falls Central.
Well worth the time, it WILL make you feel different, if not better, than you did before you read it.
R.Steckler (G.F.C.-68)

POSTED: 2009-12-01 14:31:35

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