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New Fried Chicken Place

I previously lived in Bozeman and am making my yearly sojourn to the place I hope to retire.

I read in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle a new fried chicken place was opening on Main Street. I forgot to write it down, so I did a search (using both Google and the craptastic search engine on the Chronicle site).

Unfortunately, I got hits on the chicken wars for people in the city who have chicken coops, but no restaurant. Can someone please help?


POSTED: 2009-08-16

There is a new place called Broaster Chicken on west main street. It's located between the Mall and the Exxon gas station in the old Berries 'n Beans location. Their website is:

POSTED: 2009-08-16 23:22:50

Thanks. Did Berries-n-Beans move or go out of business? I hope not the latter; I really liked their paninis and the people that worked there were nice; it was a bad location though, so I hope that doesn't happen with Broaster Chicken either.

POSTED: 2009-08-16 23:25:31

I'm pretty sure Berries 'n Beans went out of business. It's definately not the best location, despite being on such a busy street.

POSTED: 2009-08-16 23:28:47

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