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Bozeman Explosion Downtown

Please check out the following site

we need your help now more than ever, please come downtown and help our economy.

POSTED: 2009-03-20

NorthWestern Energy Launches New Web Site to Update Bozeman Residents on Recovery Efforts and to Help Promote Downtown Economy

Butte, MT – March 20, 2009 – NorthWestern Energy has launched a new Web site to provide information to Bozeman residents about the recovery efforts following the March 5 explosion in Downtown Bozeman. includes past and present press releases, an open letter to the community, answers to frequently asked questions and will be where the company provides ongoing updates as the investigation, cleanup and restoration efforts continue. It also provides residents and other concerned citizens with the ability to ask questions or provide comments to the company.

“We’ve never created a Web site dedicated to providing information about a single event before, but this is a unique situation,” said Bob Rowe, President and CEO of NorthWestern Energy. “This site provides people all over the country with a single point of contact to get information about what we’re doing to help the community recover from this tragic event.”

The site also includes information about NorthWestern’s natural gas safety programs and procedures to reassure residents of the work we do to maintain a safe and reliable distribution system. The company is in the process of gathering input and feedback from downtown business owners to learn how they think the company can participate in the recovery process.

“The local, state and national economy was the primary concern before March 5 and we share the concern voiced by nearly everyone we’ve talked to about the additional impact this event may have on the local economy,” added Rowe. “More than anything we want to assure people that Downtown Bozeman is a safe and enjoyable place to shop, dine and relax. Downtown Bozeman is most definitely open for business.”

POSTED: 2009-03-20 23:59:39

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