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Share love 4 Bozeman

What we love about Bozeman...

POSTED: 2007-10-19

The mountains. The way people say hello. Seeing friends and neighbors shopping, etc. The beauty and the open spaces, and the changing seasons.

POSTED: 2007-10-22 13:46:16

I spent a few days in Bozeman and instantly fell in love with such a beautiful place. The view of those snow-capped mountains is breath-taking. The crisp air that you breathe is refreshing. I love the fact that it's not over-populated; people are friendly and down-to-earth. This would be a wonderful place to raise a family. Hopefully one day soon, life will lead me back to this amazing place.

POSTED: 2007-12-14 00:52:38

We loved Bozeman 20 years ago, like a lot of small towns in MT "before the Californians came".

POSTED: 2009-12-14 02:00:13

The great people, the beautiful mountains and the lifestyle.

POSTED: 2011-03-27 09:00:12

Beautiful place great educational system friendly people.

POSTED: 2012-06-27 11:45:11

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