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New Library

What a wonderful facility, it's large, attractive, has everything you would want in a library...except it's short over $2 million and it is going to drag the rest of the city down with it (read the Bozeman Chronicle on 3/6/07).

More important city services may suffer because of a lack of management of the new library. Don't let this happen.

POSTED: 2007-03-06

What do you suggest that we as citizens do?

POSTED: 2007-03-14 07:29:20

If you think police and fire and streets, etc are more important, then let your city commissioners know this.

POSTED: 2007-03-14 13:31:17

After the grants etc., the library is doing fine. Did you know it is one of the highest privately supported libraries in the nation?

It is something to be proud of. Beautiful.

POSTED: 2007-09-28 20:06:49

I love the library! and the coffee shop. It's beautiful and we need it especially with the economy.

POSTED: 2009-01-29 16:10:47

The library stores cleansers at the old Armory building.

POSTED: 2009-09-13 02:08:37

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