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I really want to live in Montana! The areas I am interested in are: Anaconda, Bozeman, Butte, Missoula and Helena. My main concerns are housing prices and employment. I don't need to make a huge salery, I just want to be able to make it, have a few horses, meet real people with values and morals. Any guidence and information would be great, I am a single parent who wants child to experience an honest, safe, clean way of life with decent people.

POSTED: 2007-01-16

Get all the info you can from each chamber. Bozeman is beautiful beyond imagination and everyone here knows it - it's expensive and there is a pretty highly affluent crowd - but it is cozy. Helena is very dry but has some nice areas - a little less expensive. Butte is an old mining town with a lot of rich Irish culture and they really tailor to the elderly population with activities - a lot less expensive than Bozeman but they are known here for their brawls. Missoula is in a hole geographically and it, like Bozeman, is a college town. Anaconda is close to Butte and close to the state mental hospital. Really, if you want values and less influence of money on your child, try some of the smaller town close to the bigger ones. I went to high school in Belgrade and I cannot say enough good about it - it's bigger now, but some of the smaller towns in between are pretty great, too.

POSTED: 2007-01-28 20:41:23

I think Livingston might be anice match if you want horses, a little out of town, and it's a good place to raise kids/cheaper than Bozeman, but you can go over the hill for the amenities.

POSTED: 2007-01-29 15:05:55

Did emmasmom8899 move to Montana then? I feel the same way she does and I want to move there too. I have a family also who I want to raise in a smaller town atmosphere but with access to the outdoors.

POSTED: 2007-09-11 14:43:03

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