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New Restaurants Opening Soon

Outback Steak House
- Recently Opened
- 19th & Valley Center

MYO Custom Sandwiches
- Recently Opened
- Gallatin Valley Mall Food Court

Wild Joe's Organic Coffee & Tea House
- February 2006
- Main Street (where Harley Davidson currently is)

- Second Quarter 2006
- near 19th & Oak

Rib Crib
- mid-August
- near 19th & Oak

Know of any others? Post them here...

POSTED: 2006-01-17

La Tinga (Mexican food) just opened a second downtown location where Moo Casa is/use to be. Seems like Moo Casa will still be serving ice cream there still, but not the wraps and other food they use to have.

Also Cold Stone Creamery will be opening soon in the Hastings shopping center (next to McDonald's).

POSTED: 2006-01-18 20:10:08

Cafe Fresco opened recently on 7th near Mendenhall. Cute little cafe with great food. Go for the pasta over the sandwiches, but it's all very good.

POSTED: 2006-01-24 12:56:42

The former Azteca Mexican restaurant next to Mixers is now under new ownership and has been renamed to Fiesta Mexicana. They are open 11 am to 10 pm, seven days a week.

POSTED: 2006-02-01 21:20:43

The Baxter Grill and Bacus Pub should be open someday in the Baxter Hotel. Seems like they have been working on it for quite a while now.

POSTED: 2006-02-01 21:25:25

I saw an ad for Buffalo Wild Wings in the paper this weekend. Doesn't have a date, but says they are hiring managers for their new Bozeman location.

POSTED: 2006-05-30 09:23:32

I wasn't impressed with Outback Steakhouse. I had never been to one and I thought I would try it out. Bad idea. The food was just OK and the service was SLOW and it is SO expensive. $16.50 for a chicken breast and rice! YIKES! I will never waste my money there again. Please think twice before you do!

POSTED: 2006-06-23 08:57:42

I agree about Outback not being very good. I HAVE eaten at Outback MANY times in other states and found it great every time. The food may have changed company wide but you WOULD expect a great steak from Outback in Montana!!

POSTED: 2006-07-22 16:45:39

Wow! Rib Crib? I guess that Bar 3 proves that there is a liking of Bar-B-Q here in Bozeman but I don't think that Famous Dave's can compare in the least! Go to Bar 3 if you want authentic regional Bar-B-Q. I have had Texas and Memphis and I think Bar 3 is pretty good. Not much seating though! Famous Daves is just poor.

POSTED: 2006-07-22 16:50:03

Famous Dave's is great!

I have been there a few times and never disappointed.

POSTED: 2006-09-05 00:38:26

Famous Daves is not great.....maybe you can say it's fair, for a chain restaurant that is.
I'm all about supporting our local businesses, I think that is what makes Bozeman special, unique and different..
If I want a burger I would rather go to Burger Bob's than Applebees, if I want a good steak I would go to the Oasis or the Mint vs. the Outback and if I want good BBQ I would go to Bar 3 vs. Famous Daves.
Chains just don't stack up to the quality of the product you get from a local restaurant. Period. Price may play some factor into decisions on where to eat however, if you look at it, The Outback and Dave's is still fairly $$ for what you get.

POSTED: 2006-11-15 14:06:21

I can and will say Famous Dave's is great! I never had anything there that was not great. Not all agree that B-3 is great.
I'm all for Montana. Born and raised.
Anyone owning a business that lives in Montana, great.
Steak, Land of Magic and Oasis, great.
Too bad a lot of old favorites from locals are not around anymore. Too bad this valley has changed so much, too expensive and crime ridden.
I know my taste buds very well and they are telling me Famous Daves is great!

POSTED: 2006-11-20 20:18:37

Our valley crime ridden??? Yes, Bozeman has changed but is definitely not full of crime... we got it pretty good here, and our city is a beautiful place to live...

POSTED: 2006-11-23 08:43:42

I am sure we could start a new topic.
Being from Bozeman, yes I stand by what I have to say. Drugs are crime. It's not the pot smokers, can they even get off the couch? It's all the cocaine, crank and gee, defacing others property, rape, theft. Child molestation. Yes. Look around, look in the eyes. Not just teenagers, check out the adults. Watch the behavior.

Now, for topic,if only we could see Olive Garden in the area, that is some good soup and salad and pasta dishes. I'd even go for a Mo's, T.G.I.Fridays, White Castle's I haven't had in years. Any one know if these are coming in? How about a real good pizza place? A New York/Chicago joint venture? Better yet, how about a place to open that is a Mom/Pop operation that serves real good home cookin'? :)

POSTED: 2006-12-05 06:53:56

New to this forum - pretty cool we can all offer our opinions on our community dynamics and change.
I have not heard if any new restaraunts opening except for the ones mentioned above. It is to be expected that as our town grows, more dining options will come.
I will say that I have eaten at Olive Garden and hope it does not come, ick. Sorry, I can only say that frozen entrees, re-heated are not my favorite. Olive Garden is similar to Johnny Carinos... we don't need another chain italian restaurant.

POSTED: 2006-12-12 15:58:50

Love it! Nice to see those with taste! Only visited Bozeman, but obvious to me that local spots need to thrive! Local spots with quality products are a natural fit for a town like Bozeman! Want applebees,tgifs,olive garden go to your freezer or anytown, usa!

POSTED: 2006-12-26 20:14:13

Fresco Cafe is the Mom & Pop (N.Y. and Italy combo) Italian your looking for... really good food, better than any chain you'll find anywhere. Try them out... North 7th Ave.

POSTED: 2007-02-28 09:33:34

Fresco Cafe - I'll look for it. Thanks!

I enjoy Olive Garden's Soup, Salad and House Dressing.

Frozen foods from chains? No thanks. It's not the same.

Western Cafe - YUM!

POSTED: 2007-02-28 12:15:38

Many people that I have talked to, really wish that we had Thai food.

POSTED: 2007-03-01 17:13:32

There is a Thai restaurant called Thai-Isan just off of main on Kennedy in Belgrade. Katie runs it and she is a sweetheart and the food is really good. Oh, and around the 4th of July I heard that there is a new steakhouse opening where New 2 U used to be downtown and it's one where you pick your own fresh meat and they cook it in front of you.

POSTED: 2007-03-14 14:51:43

Re: Famous Daves being great? Yeah, Famous Daves is great if you like supporting Hormel and Kraft foods along with eating all of the additives needed for mass produced foods. Also, they treat their employees terribly. The same guy owns other "great" chain places in town such as Applebees. Great places for sure if you are not interested in your health, supporting local agriculture or quality of life. Perfect for the lowest common denominator in all of us. The last thing that we need in this valley is more chain restaurants and chain stores. Those kinds of establishments are turning Gallatin into anywhere USA.

POSTED: 2007-07-02 15:56:01

Famous Daves is awful, I repeat AWFUL. And the Olive Garden????- I agree with the earlier post, ICK! Please don't come to Bozeman! I am saddened to see that the majority of people consider Applebee's, Olive Garden, and Famous Dave's to be their favorite restaurants. Open your tastebuds and find out where your food really comes from!!!

POSTED: 2007-07-10 08:35:29

Look at it this way, at least if everyone is eating at Famous Daves and Applebees, some of our local favorites like the Bistro, Boodles, Dave's Sushi and Looies will be less busy when we go, right?! If you don't like a restaurant, simply don't eat there and don't give them your support!

POSTED: 2007-07-10 08:40:33

I am a person that lives to eat rather than eat to live. Different flavors, textures, ways of fixing, smells and the looks of food although some don't look good, I'll try it. Don't bash my taste buds because you don't agree with my choices!
Old Favorites not in Bozeman anymore: The old A & W, Johns Hamburgers, Wongs, Arctic Circle, Big Boy, East end of town was a drive-in, yet name forgotten. 4-B's, 4-B's Jr., Sambo's, sure would love to have a Fat Myrtle right now, Taco John's when was said they used Alpo (they should go back to old way), Butcher Boy, Bungalow Drug, .88 cent store, Barter Mart even if no food, I miss it! Restevedt's, the old Pizza Oven, Little Big Man Pizza (I liked shrimp pizza) Village Inn Pizza, broasted chicken from Little John's (always with baked beans and cole slaw!) Cat's Paw before poker took over, dancing and bands before t.v., Country Lanes food, drinks and bowling and more. :( The changes, not always good. My taste buds are better than ever, more curious and adventurous than ever before! You go eat and name places you enjoy and I will eat and say what I enjoy without telling you what I really think of your comments.

POSTED: 2007-07-10 21:13:19

Wow, a hot topic! I like to see that the majority of people who have posted under this topic agree that we do not want Bozeman to lose it's uniqueness with the great local spots to dine. Dave's Sushi, La Parilla, The Bistro, Burger Bob's, Bar 3, Mackenzie River and Cafe Zydeco are just a few to name that I enjoy dining at. Everyone's taste buds are intact here- but mine enjoy fresh local food that I can't get anywhere but Bozeman, MT!

POSTED: 2007-07-11 12:02:51

I like the new mexican place, i think it's 18 mile, off main st. Amazing fresh salsa. I also love the new Japanese place across from the high school on Main st. Mmmmm. Good stuff.

POSTED: 2007-07-12 18:39:17

To keep on subject with the lovely local dining options. I only have one favorite- Bar 3 BBQ. Yum. Love the cheese grits. Won't bash Famous Daves but only can say that their is a definite difference between fresh versus a chain.

POSTED: 2007-07-15 19:03:47

As a local chef, I hate to say but alot of the good "fine dining" restaurants have gone under. All for different reasons, but really they just could not keep business consistently throughout the entire year/years. I find it extremely disapointing as a chef and lover of good food. This town just does not support local businesses enough. Unfortunately most of the locals don't really have a palate, or just don't care. When the Bennigan's, Applebee's, Outback's, Dave's, Alework's are always slammed that just proves my point. I am not being a cynic, but these places cut every corner possible, whether it is frozen food, or excessive use of microwaves we might as well buy frozen dinners at the grocery stores and save lots of money. That is essentially what you are getting at most of these chains. I have been fortunate enough to work at places like The Savory Olive, Sourdough Creek Cafe, Riverside Country Club, and everything we did or do use is made from scratch. This town just does not seem to appreciate that, and that is very painful as someone who tries very hard to come up with flavor-full original ideas. If anyone seeking the things that I have spoken about please support our local "fine dining" restauants. Example, Riverside Country Club, Boodles, Plonk, or even the Mint, on a good nite hopefully, because they are inconsistent. Most importantly avoid the Baxter at all costs. No matter what gimmick the owner tries to start up. Take it from me, I worked in that building for over three years and the person that owns the building is not someone who cares about his employees, or patrons. He simply is in it for the money and is not a local, and does not give a rat's ass about anyone but himself. Just a little insider info. He never had any respect for his employees or guests. Just keep that in mind when the next poor bastard decides to move into that cursed building. My two cents. Enjoy good food, service, and presentation.

POSTED: 2007-11-10 05:57:53

Great Post above- well said.

I have sympathy for the local establishments who have to compete with the chains coming in..... it breaks my heart to see one of our own go out of business due to big chains who are backed with corportate $$$$$.

POSTED: 2007-11-16 14:55:49

Domasco's in Belgrade is Wonderful!

POSTED: 2007-11-18 06:59:14

To the person who posted about the Baxter, please stop posting defamatory and libelous statements about The Baxter and any other establishment. I worked at the Baxter for years and the current owner is the only owner that actually cared for the employees as well as the historic nature of the establishments and building.
Thank you.

POSTED: 2007-11-19 13:12:55

We just opened a deli in the Sweet Pea Bakery, it is called Soma Dis Deli. We have been open for about a month now and we thank Bozeman for a wonderful welcome, Thanks!Great sandwiches and soups, the tomato is yummo!

POSTED: 2009-12-30 20:06:22

There is a new establishment that has just opened its doors and brought its unique, authentic, thai cuisine to Bozeman. The food is unmatched by any other imitations because the owner uses her grandmothers recipes, who happens to be from Thailand. Lemongrass Thai is the name and the location is in the restaurant/retail area on Kagy and 3rd ave, beside the Sola Cafe. The only way to beat the crowds is to come at 11am for lunch or 5pm for dinner. If not you will have to wait for up to an hour to sample their exquisite food. Come see what everyone is talking about. They can be found on Facebook under Lemongrass Thai. Sorry no reservations at this time but you can reach them at 551-2168. Please support local, high quality, ownership in Bozeman. I plan to see you there......

POSTED: 2009-12-30 23:35:52

for those that like the oasis , it is like eating at a run down diner, the floors are filthy !! the meat over cooked and over priced , if you like to eat with the local hicks in a filthy environment then that is the place to go but for the best steak in sw Montana the Rib and Chop in Livingston can not be beat

POSTED: 2014-12-02 17:07:31

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