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I have lived here in the gallatin valley for 30 years and have some family history here. I can not believe how or where everyone is coming from and I thought I would never see the day that there would be traffic in Belgrade of all places !
I am sad to see the farm and ranches begin taken over by new construction.
I hear the reason people are moving here is because of the quality of life we have here. Well I see that fading fast day after day. Some people are moving in here and bringing their quality of live with them and forcing it on us.
I see more road rage,more crime,people not caring,running red lights its sad to see the changes and its like nobody cares what is happening in this valley that is so rich in history. Oh my gosh ! There is a empty lot we cant have it sit empty can we ? NO ! But up a shopping center or a motel or more houses quick !
What about the farm and ranch animals ? Maybe someone should start a kennel for cows. We cant have them taking up that land or have something useful like food growing on that land right ?
Maybe I am the only one who feels this way.

POSTED: 2005-11-03

I have lived here for almost 40. Born and raised here. You can't stop growth, you can only manage it.

POSTED: 2005-11-03 14:59:19

For those of you buying $500,000+ homes: Where are you coming from? Where do you work? Is everyone a trust-fund-baby from California or the east coast? Why do you want to ruin our quaint little town? Home and land prices are just insane here now!

POSTED: 2005-11-03 15:51:16

When you see farm and ranch land vanishing before your eyes day after day I dont think that is managing the growth here very well.
Looks like the gallatin valley is becoming a place for the rich and famous and those of us who HAVE to work for a living are just the low lifes on the totem pole. I wish they would take their QUALITY of life and leave !

POSTED: 2005-11-04 09:27:16

Just a couple of thoughts ...
When I see farm and ranch land vanishing I have to think that there was a farmer or rancher that made the conscious decision to sell or develop their land. I?m not placing blame on the farmer or developer, it?s just a matter of change. Things change and people usually have good intentions behind the changes they make.

I too get frustrated that I can?t afford a house in Bozeman. I too wonder how some people afford their lifestyle. But I am thankful for the development of shopping centers that hold stores like Target and Old Navy because even though I an educated and hard working professional I cannot afford to shop at locally owned boutiques like Bridger Kitchens and Vyruka.

Everyone has a choice. Some choose to move from LA to Bozeman because they no longer enjoy LA. If you no longer enjoy Bozeman, you could choose to move to Pony. Personally, I choose to enjoy my life and not let the actions of others ruin my day.

POSTED: 2005-11-04 10:32:33

There are many forums discussing the growth of the area--some angry and nearsighted--but most would agree that growth is inevitable. The money that ranch/farm owners are making on the sale of their land is massive and certainly no one is forcing them to sell. My family didn?t like the way that our former home out of state had changed, so we made sacrifices and moved here?it?s the beauty of a free market society.

Many people "afford" to live in Bozeman because they utilize state assistance for daycare service and insurance (health and dental). That said, these are costly items to cover in Montana on most of the salaries offered in the valley. I am certainly not complaining because wages are steadily climbing and employers are beginning to offer better benefits packages as well.

My parents live in a very rural area out of state and every year complain about the increasing number of folks "moving in" on their territory and "city people" visiting their town in the summer months. But most of their area's economy is based on tourism and many of the homes are second homes with the owners living and working elsewhere to earn a higher salary. I cringe when I hear the common assumption that people moving to the Bozeman area were given their funds and therefore don?t deserve to live here! Let?s not forget about the hardworking folks who have actually paid for those homes and are contributing to the local economy all the while!

We all contribute (and detract) from the livability of the area....let's work together to keep it safe and beautiful.

POSTED: 2005-11-06 19:51:56

Dont blame all of the "stuff" that is happening in the Valley on the newcomers. I think the "blame" ,if you want to call it that, lies with the LOCALS. That is, they own the "lots, farms, acreage" that these buyers and developers are purchasing. These "LOCALS" have chosen to cash-out while they can make some $$...and all the lovely notions of pristine farm land with grazing cows for miles and miles, etc is forgotten. If the LOCALS didnt sell the land it couldnt be developed and lost. Lets keep the blame AT HOME...where it belongs.

POSTED: 2006-10-19 16:40:35

Speaking as a newcomer to Bozeman...I am also appalled at what this town is/has become. My husband & I came out for a visit several years ago, fell in love with & decided to move here. We, however, had a very different ideas then many newcomers.

We wanted to buy a resale home, not destroy land just to build a monster of a home. We planned on shopping in established stores and having our friends and family bring us our favorite items that we cannot get here, not advocating te opening of a Lowe's across the street froma Home Depot & a Linen's 'n Things in the same parking lot as a Bed Bath & Beyond. Most importantly, we wanted to live in a town where strangers smile at eachother.

Needless to say, we will be moving on as well as many of the lifetime locals.

POSTED: 2007-05-22 15:38:25

I am sorry that you found your experience so terrible. For us, we are so grateful our children can walk to school, we have the best neighbors, everyone smiles at me...It's amazing you had such a bad experience.

I am also excited to have a worldmarket (like costplus) as well as new stores. I think it's all perspective. Every time I leave and come back to Bozeman I feel deeply grateful.

POSTED: 2007-05-25 12:21:02

Bravo to the last person who posted! Negativity certainly breeds negativity and I am one of the earlier posters requesting that we adjust our perspective and take responsibility for the role that we each play in our community. We are also "newcomers" of a few years and we like having the choice to shop where we like. We are members of the Co-op and Costco. We eat at the Bistro, Boodles and Old Chicago. We have purchased things from Ace Hardware downtown, Four Corners Hardware and Home Depot. Stereotyping and making assumptions about such broad topics are foolish, as the last poster so innocently pointed out. Despite its growth, Bozeman will always be a beautiful place to live and it is where we plan to stay.

POSTED: 2007-05-25 12:38:58

Growth is SO bad now that Bozeman is being referred to as BOZANGLES! Crime is up, prices for everything are up, traffic is up, rudeness is up. It's crazy...and we don't even live in Bozeman, we live in the Madison Valley but have to come "to town" for groceries and things. We hate it.

We also hate how outoftowners come here, build vaction homes (aka: don't live here but usually in the summer only) and then proceed to think they should have a say in how the county is run.

You don't live here full time, you don't contribute to the economy and you want to come here and tell ME how to live? How water should be used? How land should be used? How growth should be managed?

Whatever. Go back where you came from unless you want to move here full time and be willing to become a productive, full time member.

Gosh...the changes they want just boggle the mind...

I want paved roads.
I want more stores cause I don't want to drive far for anything.
I want more motorized areas in the national forests.
I want more fences.

I want, I want, I want!!!!

POSTED: 2007-09-25 14:30:38

I know what Bozeman is going through, same thing happen to my town and now I want out to move to a more peaceful town and I thought Bozeman could have been the one, but after reading those replies, I'm not sure now. I saw my town grow up in a matter of a few years. We have every restaurant and retail chain possible and we are still growing fast. Although those places are nice to shop at or visit, the people have sure changed here. They are extremely rude, drive like NASCAR drivers, don't yield or stop for anyone or anything, it's scary to go out at night on the roads. Crime is climbing fast and it makes me feel not so safe anymore. Not for me, and not for my family. So I have been researching for another place to move my family for a quiet, peaceful town but by the time I get to Bozeman, it might be too late. I sympathize with the locals. Those good 'ol days are gone. There's no stopping the growth. It's coming and it's coming fast. It's sad to see it happen. When it's done in Bozeman, it will be another quiet town, so on and so forth. This is the new America. Since 9/11 things have changed and not for the better. God save us all.

POSTED: 2007-09-26 12:31:19

What is with all of this melodrama?? Wow. Nothing more to say.

POSTED: 2007-09-26 13:03:12

To the 2007-9-25 poster
Those who choose to take an active roll in their community can influence change. You should consider going to a Bozeman city commission meeting. Oh wait, you’re not a Bozeman resident. You just come to Bozeman for "groceries and things." An "outoftowner," if you may. I hope you appreciate coming to Bozeman for "things" (Costco maybe?) just as much as the Californians appreciate visiting SWMT for a different set of amenities. Hmm.

PS – LOVE me some heated forum topics!

POSTED: 2007-09-26 13:41:59

You are right! What's up with this drama. I'm moving to Bozeman as soon as possible and downsize to a more livable population with that small town feeling. Besides, Montana is a huge state. Do you know how many states you can fit into Montana alone? There's plenty of room for a heck of a lot of people. See ya soon Bozeman!

POSTED: 2007-09-26 15:01:57

I've lived here a few years and it's changed...but still, it is such a great place to live and raise children. There's not enough culture, or different types of people, but the more who move in, the more that will change.

I'm looking forward to better and more ethnic and different types of restaurants. Yeah, there's a downside to growth, but this is a beautiful place to live and raise a family.

POSTED: 2007-09-28 20:02:27

To my fellow locals brought up on bozeman, keep your cool let's set our standards high, we set an example of how to live here.

POSTED: 2007-09-30 13:42:45

To Mr/Miss "I Love Me Some Heated Forums!"

I'm not an outoftowner and you know it. You also know what I mean by that statement. This forum doesn't need a troll, ok?

As far as "liking to come to town for amenities", we liked it much better before it started to change so much.

POSTED: 2007-10-01 03:31:14

My wife and I will be visiting Bozeman soon. We plan to move there for a few years to finish up some grad work at MSU. We chose Bozeman for a few reasons. It is similar to where we are from (Colorado), we have heard nothing but good things about the people and of course MSU. It seems like a great, safe place for our kids and from what we can tell it maintains the sense of true Rocky Mountain living.
Reading these posts about growth in Bozeman and how it is being embraced and opposed certainly raises some concerns. However, and I hate to burst anyones bubble, worldwide population growth is out of control. There is no longer a place that is exempt from this phenomenon. Not Bozeman, not anywhere. Especially not Bozeman. Nearly every small town in the U.S. is growing and will continue to do so. The ones that grow the fastest are the ones like Bozeman. Clean, safe, pretty.
If this is a problem for people to accept, which it understandably is, the solution is not to rant and rave on the city's website. If the compromise of your way of life and the outlook of your children's future concerns you, which it absolutely should, you owe it to yourself and them to do something more than complain here. Figure out how to manage the issue in your area and this will help manage the issue nationally and then globally. Please, do more than complain. Get involved and take control of the situation in your area before it takes control of your area. Give your city council and county commissioners your input and encourage others to do so. You can't stop the growth but you can manage it. In Bozeman, I'm afraid the growth has just started.

POSTED: 2007-11-25 21:58:19

Very well stated. You can moan all you like, but it's happening.

By the way, good luck on your move to Boze. Every day I am thankful we are so lucky to live in such a place.

POSTED: 2007-11-27 19:05:08

What is with the stereotype that East Coasters are rich? I am from the East Coast and moved to Bozeman, and met native Montanans whose families had far more money and toys than my family ever dreamed of - my family worked hard but struggled to live in the city. In some parts of the Northeast, folks who have money own a lot of land.

I lived in Bozeman for two years for a good opportunity, but the cost of living was too high (and I made very good money for Montana). While one can say that new people moving in brings crime, that is true. However, there are drugs everywhere and if you don't believe me, ask the ERs of small towns and you will find out the truth.

I moved to Bozeman with no preconceived notions; I didn't think everyone rode a horse but was given a lot of flack for being from the East Coast. They also assumed I lived in a big city and I didn't. Sad...we're supposed to all be Americans and yet we're as divided as any other country's people.

POSTED: 2008-06-29 09:15:23

I am a single mother who has lived in Washington my whole life. I have never considered moving until recently. Although I am financially unable to quit my job and move I wanted to take a look at Montana. I picked up my computer and started by checking the crime level,then I looked at pictures I then spoke to friends and family who have lived and/or visited Montana. Then I cried because I want so bad to live in a lower crime state where people know each other and watch out for each other. I got a second income and have been saving to hopefully move. Then I got scared and thought how can I leave my family here and just move to a strange place and I abviously cannot but a home so I would have to rent, find a job, childcare? Then I got hurt by a stranger at a gas station. So once again I start looking at Montana.Then I started to read these remarks and I think well I guess every state has there problems. Although I still am considered fairly young I realize alot of things. One is people have lost perspective of whats right and whats wrong. We are becoming cold to other people. We think we have to have everything. Brand names is the only brand thats ok to wear. We are in competiton with every person we meet and the whole time our children watch and learn.
Then you take what was a small town and build. Sure it is bound to happen and yeah sometimes I am jealous I really would not mind to live in a nice brand new house. I think sometimes what happens when a small town grows is the new comers may have had the intention of wanting a small friendly community. Until the I want everything attitude comes along with the I'm better than you competive attitude. I understand and if I lived in Montana I would not like it very much either, but I guess some growth can bring some good things. If you visit Washington for a while you may just reconsider how lucky you are in Montana.

POSTED: 2009-08-09 22:43:14

Hola, Soy de España y me gustaria hablar con alguna persona de Bozeman o Montana en general, para saber como se vive por ahí y si hay posibilidades de trabajar, tengo mujer licenciada en derecho y un hijo de 18 meses, y yo soy trabajador de la construccion aunque haría otros trabajos, un saludo

POSTED: 2009-09-14 07:20:00

Hola and bienvenedes a la Bozeman. Porque no mas mexicanos aqui, ingles es importante especialidad en las construcciones.
Buenos tardes y estudiar de ingles!

POSTED: 2009-09-14 14:11:46

I think growth has slowed but Bozeman is still very popular. Just be lucky and happy you live here.

POSTED: 2011-03-27 09:01:52

Bozeman is still growing quickly & thriving. It is a special place I am blessed to live here.

POSTED: 2012-06-24 16:48:20

Its funny that I'm reading these posts. Half of you are right half wrong. Half of you are pround, half ashamed. Truth is, i grew up here and know it's a pretty simple thing. We invite change/growth, but you came here for a reason... if it was that you fell in love with a beautiful, simple, friendly, honest place (opposite of LA) you found it. But move here and remember what you fell in love with. Keep it as it's been and do NOT try to change it to what you fled. Remember the vacation you were on when you found this place, and decide. Did we fall in love with this place? (HOW IT IS) or did we fall in love with the idea, but need to keep OUR lifstyle?

POSTED: 2012-07-01 05:05:45

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