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Info: The Horse Whisperer

Could someone tell me how to get to the area where the Horse Whisperer was filmed? I think it's about 40 miles south of Livingston. This sounds kind of silly but I just love that area and would like to see it in person. Thanks for any help you can give me.

POSTED: 2004-09-10

A portion of the Horse Whisperer was actually filmed at the Springhill Pavillion as well. It's only about 15 minutes from Bozeman. In the film it's where the dance scene was filmed in the building where the sides open up. People often rent the pavillion there for weddings, etc... If you go out springhill rd about 8 miles you will see a sign for Springhill Community. Turn right and follow that road. You will come to a Y, stay to the left and go on the gravel road for about 3 miles and it will dead end at the pavillion. Should look familiar to you. Good Luck

POSTED: 2004-09-10 08:22:58

Thankyou for the info on springhill, does anyone ealse know where the ranch is located?
Thanks again

POSTED: 2004-09-11 06:05:34

I believe the ranch was located south of Big Timber, MT (60 miles from Bozeman) in the Boulder valley. I can't remember which highway it is, but you can see the big white farm house from the road. The Flying J motel they stayed at is located in Big Timber for sure.

POSTED: 2004-09-11 09:07:15

Thanks so much for that last post. The town of McLeod is minutes from where The Horse Whisperer was filmed. I have been trying for about a month to find out that information. So thankyou again for responding to my post. Hope to live in that area within two years. Enjoy your winter Montana.

POSTED: 2004-09-12 22:17:18

Part of the film was also filmed in Clyde Park as well.

POSTED: 2004-09-20 10:31:08

And in Bozeman. They tied up 7th avenue for a day for a 2 second shot, when she 's walking across the hotel parking lot, on her journey, you can see the old Montana Furniture building in the background. Also, watch a River Runs Through It. It's says missoula but alomost the whole movie was filmed on 191 and in Bozeman.

POSTED: 2004-10-14 10:23:02

Hello. I live in England, in the Lake District, so I know how to appreciate a good view. However, I was blown away by the views of Montana! Especially when Annie rounds the corner to the Ranch when she first goes to see Tom. Could anyone tell me what part of Montana this is in? I would love to holiday near there. Thanks.

POSTED: 2005-09-07 11:49:58

The Horse Whisperer was filmed in many, many different locations. Two of these were on my land North of Big Timber, up Big Timber Canyon. The scene where they are driving around a corner that opens up to a broad valley leading up to the Mountains was filmed here as was one of the early scenes of horses running. That corner is pretty breathtaking both in the direction it was shot but also 180 degrees from the shot - you're on top of the world.
To get to this area, go North of Big Timber toward Harlowton, turn west toward the Crazy's at the brown forest service sign that says Big Timber Canyon. Also, there is a beautiful campground and guest ranch at the end of the drive. There are lakes, streams, incredible waterfalls, and old mines up there. The guest ranch is owned by the Van Cleve's - an old ranching family from the area. Spike wrote some great memoirs and his daughter Barbara is an amazing photographer. It is a great, magical place - and the most of the neighbors are friendly.

POSTED: 2007-01-28 20:28:18

Hi, I live in Europe in the Czech Repuplice, thanks a lot for information on the film that you are. I love the movie Horse Whisperer and Montana State is a beautiful ... Robert Redford is cool :-)

POSTED: 2009-02-15 02:51:03

In August 2009 we have visited many filming locations of the Horse Whisperer. For details about the locations you can contact me at

POSTED: 2009-08-24 03:40:28

To the person from England hoping to "holiday" in our wonderful state of Montana:

I was born and raised in the wonderful state, just three miles from Glacier National Park's western border. With the exception of 2.5 years spent out of state for graduate school, I have spent my entire life in Montana. Although I am biased, Glacier National Park is a definate "must see" if you plan to spend any length of time in our state. Since graduating from high school I have lived in nearly all areas of Montana. I went to Montana State University for my undergraduate degree so I spent four years in and around the Bozeman area. I can tell you that the Crazy Mountain and Absorka Beartooth Mountain areas are truly breathtaking from all angles. I am a wildlife biologist, so my job has taken me to all corners of the state. I can assure you, views from every inch of our beloved state are nothing short of remarkable. I may sound boastful but anyone that has been here will most likely tell you the same thing :). No need to plan your trip too carefully, views are great all over. If you haven't been on your holiday yet, I hope it's a spectacular one!

P.S. England is truly a beautiful place as well!! I hope to take my second holiday there very shortly!

POSTED: 2011-01-19 17:49:56

I am in the area for the next few days. I drove up Big Timber canyon but don't know how far up to go. I went a little passed Grosfield Lane and didn't have time to go any further to find that beautiful shot of the turn in the road. Each turn was breathtaking, however. Does anyone know what parts were shot up Big Timber Canyon and what parts were filmed down hiway 298 at the Elder Ranch. I understand from another website that the actual ranch house and cabin were built only for the movie. Do they still exist? How about Bozeman locations? Thanks for any info.

POSTED: 2011-06-12 16:55:07

I am a plein air landscape painter now living in New Mexico. I want to paint some of the landscape locations in the Horse Whisperer. I loved the scene with the cabin and the creek out front. Staying in that type of environment with freedom to roam and paint on a daily basis for a week or two would be heaven. I have checked into ranches and other accommodations in that area but they are quite pricey. Any suggestions on where to stay would be greatly appreciated.

POSTED: 2011-06-14 20:22:44

Does anyone by any chance know the filming locatoin of the scene where Annie and Tom Booker go riding, and they stop at some sort of cliff or elevation and talk? I might be visiting montana and would love to stop by there.

POSTED: 2011-10-08 18:22:06

Can someone tell me what the name of the highway that they were driving on to get to the ranch

POSTED: 2013-02-02 00:04:57

Hello everyone posting here.. would love to travel to 'Runaway Meadow' where Pilgrim retreats and eventually returns in trust, to 'Tom Booker'. Recent studio work is concerning this gorgeous landscape and the lone horse..turbulent skies and protective mountains encircling a wide range. There is a scene toward the end of the day, with a silver streak against a dark forboding, evening cloud on the horizon..the horse is dark and sombre, although hopeful in the gleam of a setting sun.

POSTED: 2013-06-14 15:54:12

My 14 year old daughter passed away 09/07/2002 from cancer. She loved the movie "The Horse Whisperer". She and I both had horses. Two days before she passed away, she asked me when she got better if I'd take her to Montana to visit where the movie was filmed. I've recently retired, and I want to fulfill her dying wish. She wanted to see the ranch where the movie was filmed. I'd appreciate it if anyone could tell me where this and if the toss a hotel near the ranch that I could stay. And also, and I know this is asking the inevitable, but how do I contact Robert Redford? Thank you so much.

POSTED: 2013-09-15 23:11:26

To receive all the details of the location of the Horse Whisperer ranch send your email address to and I will provide you with the details.

POSTED: 2013-09-16 00:09:09

My husband and I had been married for 20 years. We had always planned to take a long road trip from NC to Montana to visit as many places as possible that were filmed in The Horse Whisper. Unfortuantely my husband passed away this past April 2015 and we never got to set out for our dream vacation. So this September I am taking this trip to kinda find some closure to the death of my husband and to find the most beautiful places to vist. If anyone can suggest the best places to vist.

POSTED: 2015-08-20 08:12:04

"My husband and I had been married for 20 years. We had always planned to take a long road trip from NC to Montana to visit as many places as possible that were filmed in The Horse Whisper"

As a reply to this post please send your email address to and I will send you some information.

POSTED: 2015-08-21 01:59:16

I have visited the sites a couple of years ago and and can give you info and directions. Email cafcat1701@aol. You will love the area. Montana is stunning.

POSTED: 2015-08-21 20:49:29

To receive all the details of the location of the Horse Whisperer ranch send your email address to and I will provide you with the details.

Please note that in the above post my email address has changed to instead of

POSTED: 2016-06-21 07:56:36

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