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Music Venues/Band Recommendations

New to area.
Wondering where is a good venue to see live music (pref: alt-country, alt-rock, rock, but open to other genres).
Also, any recommendations on bands to check out here are much appreciated!

POSTED: 2004-08-02

i think side project is the best local band. although they are technically hip hop, the group uses real instruments.

saw a guy who was apparently in a band called the slippers play some drunken jack white-like delta blues on a dobro. it was great.

johnny steel is a local country-ish band...i don't know if they are quite alt-country but perhaps they are worth a listen.

in general, the whole blues/country/yeehaw thing can get a little played out (a lot of bands have this sound), but once in a while you find a worthwhile performance in town.

the bar venues aren't spectacular in comparison to other cities, but the zebra and filler seem to have most of the shows. also the r bar seems to have live music on the weekends, perhaps more in the rock vein. the hofbrau has open mike nights that are well attended, although the acts are hit-and-miss. aleworks sometimes has a cool blues/rock act swing through...i saw buckwheat zydeco there a while back. the shows at aleworks are a bit more bearable due to the nonsmoking policy.

in case you missed it, the free BoZone newspaper contains a listing of shows and happenings.

POSTED: 2004-09-21 00:29:14

The Zebra, and now Mixers seem to be the only venues in Bozeman anymore playing good rock-alternative shows, and decent live music. The Belgrade Lounge has good bands occasionally now and the Livingston music scene is getting more attention too in places like The Hiatt House or The Murray. Check out The Max for a local band favorite -a REALLY fun time, and real talent too!

POSTED: 2005-01-26 05:18:02

Elvis Huxley is a very good band. bandleader of portland's Sunset Valley has a local group that plays around town sometimes. their sound is similar to pavement.

also B.U.T. has been around for quite a while. they are good when their drummer shows up.

POSTED: 2005-01-28 21:17:54

The Sport Next Door in Livingston is starting to have bands. It's been fun when I've been there.

POSTED: 2005-03-18 16:05:48

Belgrade Lounge has good shows on the weekend.

POSTED: 2005-08-17 17:03:25

I always did like Deep River - bluegrassy country style acoustic. Are they still around much? Whatever happened to that bluegrass show on the college station? Sure did like that DJ what's his name

POSTED: 2006-09-24 21:26:57

Any techno-esque bands or good DJs?

POSTED: 2009-01-19 12:08:56

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